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You'll never walk alone

Published date: 2019/08


We’re big on supporting our community, and love that our people share our passion.

As the heading says, “You’ll never walk alone” – and that’s true in the way we work with our clients, our candidates, but also in the charity work we do.

Last weekend, 15 courageous Cooper Lomaz employees take on a mammoth challenge that saw them walk 32 miles from sunny Great Yarmouth to the historic Cromer Pier, all in aid of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice.

Saturday 6th July began unlike any other day – with a painfully early wake-up call, followed by a 12 mile trek along the Norfolk coastline. Our team of intrepid walkers departed Kelling Health Campsite at 4.45am on the red-eye/minibus that would take them to the Pier to Pier challenge start line in Great Yarmouth. Fuelled by a cheeky MacDonald’s, the team arrived in good time and got themselves prepped for the challenge ahead.

As soon as the clock struck 7am they were off the start line like a scene from The Fast and Furious.

The morning saw some stunning scenery and lovely weather, and the group reached the first rest stop 30 minutes ahead of schedule. Following a quick sock-change and inhaling copious Mars Bars and Haribo, they we’re off again.

The rain showers didn’t dampen their mood and they were soon at their lunch stop at Sea Palling – a mere 17 miles into their 32-mile challenge. The scale of the task was now starting to hit them but their competitive nature was in full flow, with a few wagers as to who would finish first being thrown around.

Pressing on through Walcott, they had split into 3 groups with the lead group reaching Mundesley at 3.30pm, 45 minutes ahead of schedule. Having now walked 26 miles (the same distance as the London Marathon) in 8 hours, they were really starting to feel the pain. Feet, knees, hips and backs being the worst felt and they’d already gotten through a year’s supply of blister plasters between them.

The third stint started well but disaster stuck within a few miles. Getting lost in a field ended in a sprained ankle and a pulled hamstring put two of our explorers out of the game and in the back of our support car. Sad not to be able to finish but incredibly proud to have reached 28 miles, they were whisked off to the finish line ready to meet their comrades later in the day.

The final leg was no doubt the toughest with actual blood, sweat and tears, but they were determined to finish the challenge. As the support team arrived at Cromer Pier, they looked down the promenade only to see the familiar face of our IT Support Specialist, Luke Senior practically skipping up to the finish line – well, maybe not skipping but he was there and in the lead!

Amazingly, Luke finished 1st out of 56 people, and in 10 hours 26 minutes. Callum came in 2nd after 11 hours looking like he’d been out for an afternoon stroll. Adrienne and Craig came in 3rd and 4th after 11 hours and 25 minutes, feeling very emotional and proud.

The remaining groups all finished within 25 minutes of each other, coming in to cheers from their teammates, family and friends.

With the enormity of what they’ve achieved now hitting them, the post-challenge celebrations commenced with a well-deserved drink, followed swiftly by showers, more plasters and sleep.

The donations are still coming in, but we’re delighted to announce that the team have hit their fundraising target of £2,000 in aid of EACH.

We love a good challenge here at Cooper Lomaz especially when it’s for a good cause, and we’ve been busy so far this year supporting EACH with both fundraising and volunteering. We encourage our people to help when and where they can and we’re incredibly proud that so many of our employees came out last weekend to complete what was undoubtedly one of the hardest things they’ve ever done.