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How can new businesses get the most from their recruitment partner?

Author: David Smilie

Published date: 2019/12

Get The Most From Your Recruitment Partner

​“Help me, help you!”

For any Tom Cruise fan, you’ll know that this phrase appears in the scene where Jerry Maguire is practically begging his client Rod Tidwell to work with him – not against him. This scene epitomises many of the hiring challenges faced by small businesses and underpins how to get the most out of your recruitment process.

For many companies, both established and start-ups, recruitment can be a bit of a minefield. It’s something that organisations will attempt to navigate with little time and minimal resources, all in the hope that they’ll attract and hire the best talent in a highly competitive employment market. Sound familiar?

Growing a business in its infancy is a challenge in itself, but some of the issues most often encountered for start-ups include securing good people ahead of the competition, building a cohesive team and quickly filling any skills gaps, all without spending a small fortune.

East Anglia has an array of reputable recruitment agencies that will provide a range of consultative market insights, salary benchmarking, targeted candidate searches, on-boarding & retention strategies and training recommendations, much of which can be discussed before you find your ideal next hire. But, to get the best out of your chosen agency, the key is partnership!

Help them to help you. Their purpose is to help you find the best people for your company but unless they fully understand what you’re trying to achieve, this can be extremely difficult. Time spent early in the recruitment process including meeting your lead consultant, explaining your needs, engaging them in your organisation and outlining your long term goals will enable them to provide a service that aligns perfectly with your brief, represents your business in the right way, and ensures they attract individuals with the potential to add both cultural and financial value.

In addition to this, finding a recruitment partner that is willing to go above and beyond will make a huge difference to your success. A strong relationship that’s built on mutual respect and trust can be critical to ensuring you attract and recruit the best talent for your business.

Together, great people can achieve some truly great things!

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