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How to get into an industry

Published date: 2020/01


Are you starting your career? Or maybe looking to change to a new sector? We've put together a guide which will help you start out in an new industry.

When you apply for a job it’s crucial to know about the company and sector you are applying for. If you aren’t clued-up your application will sound incredibly general and you’re unlikely to be invited to interview.

Get researching

Start by reading about current affairs related to your chosen industry. Look for general news, specialist publications, website, case studies... anything that will help you get up to speed which what's going on.

Get social

Social media allows you to follow industry-leading companies, leaders and influencers. This is great way to keep up with the latest trends, but also gives you a way to interact and join the discussion.

Get networking

There will be plenty of networking opportunities in your area that will enable you to listen, learn and interact with people in your desired industry. Your local Chamber of Commerce is a great place to start!

Get looking

Now that you’ve got a working knowledge of your sector it’s time to think about job application. Think about what types of roles you’re interested in and start searching for jobs. Our website would be a great place to start. Do some research; find out what skills and experience employers are after. Do you fit the bill? If so, great. If not, what do you need to do to get those skills?

Now what?

Decided on a role you want? Excellent. Now it’s time to prepare to apply. Is your CV up to scratch? How’s your cover letter writing? Check out our CV and Cover Letter guides and the rest of the Resource Hub to make sure you’re selling yourself as best as you can.

For any further help, you're more than welcome to call any of our consultants for advice. Simply call 01284 701302 or email contact@cooperlomaz.co.uk