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Graduates Week - Summary

Author: Sara Agnoletti

Published date: 2020/04

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​Good Morning,

We hope you are well and keeping safe.

We started our 'Graduates week' with a warm welcome by Nick Hunter.

We proposed an interesting article from the BBC giving real examples of graduates who lost their first work experience opportunity because of coronavirus.


Josh Barrett talked about his experience both as a graduate and as a recruiter, and how recruitment consultancies helped him searching for the right role.

We are supporting a good number of graduates who are coming at the end of their degrees and decided to share three great examples. They are looking forward to starting their first experience and finally put into practice what they learnt during their studies.

We all started from somewhere and developed our skills and knowledge to become who we are today.

On the third day, we wanted to welcome all questions from graduates, clients and whoever was curious to know more about our processes.

Mandie Miller talked about a project she took part in earlier in her recruitment career.
She supported students at the University of Plymouth during their graduates' career week, running one to one CV sessions and helping them market themselves.

We were incredibly proud of our partnership with the University of Essex and we are looking forward to helping graduates finding their first job and supporting them during the process.

On the last day, we posted a success story.

Recently, we supported Proteo, one of our Norfolk-based clients, hiring local graduates into the software development team.

We asked Andrew Scott (CEO) about the advantages of hiring graduates and how people are integrating into the business.

We also asked Jasmine Hart, one of the graduates we placed at Proteo, to give us her opinion about the process.