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Securing Yourself Pole Position For Jobs

Author: Michael Meyer

Published date: 2020/04


​The current Covid-19 pandemic is a worrying time for people, especially those looking for work. Whether you were already looking for a better position, or you sadly lost your job because of the pandemic, it is a difficult time to be looking for your dream job.

Whilst the employment market is tougher right now, this will end. When it does there will be an almighty rush for permanent and contract jobs to be filled, and therefore it is important that you get yourself at the front of the queue.

Here are our top tips on how to put yourself in pole position for jobs once they appear.

1. Refresh your skills, or learn something new

This is a fantastic opportunity to refresh your skills, or learn new skills that you have always wanted to learn.

If you are on LinkedIn (more on that later), then you will have likely seen that a large number of training companies are offering courses for free, or at significantly reduced prices.

Whilst face-to-face, classroom-based training courses are obviously not an option right now, there are huge amounts of online training courses available, no matter your expertise. Once ‘normal’ life resumes we will likely find ourselves too busy to do these, so don’t miss the opportunity to learn if you are not working at the moment.

2. Update your CV

Take some time to update your CV whilst there are less jobs around to apply for. This will ensure you are ready to send it once the jobs start pouring through.

Most people have heard that it takes a Recruiter or Hiring Manager less than 30 seconds to review a CV, so make sure yours stands out. This doesn’t necessarily mean getting it professionally written though.

The key to a great CV is that it has a relevant Personal Profile at the top, a clear, but concise list of your key skills (not every skill you have ever used!), a few key achievements and an accurate, but concise career history.
Hobbies and Interests are up-to-you. If you have hobbies that make you stand out them add them, but if all you can think of is reading, walking the dog and spending time with family and friends, you probably don’t need to worry too much.

Get in touch with us if you want to know more about how to write a great CV that stands out.

3. Talk to Recruiters

As there are less jobs around at the moment, many recruiters are a bit quieter than usual.

Now is a great time to be speaking with us about yourself and your job search and asking us questions about the market.

Invest some time talking in depth about yourself with us now, and when things pick up you will be right at the front of the queue for jobs. You will also put yourself into contention for any jobs that are being recruited for right now.


4. Update your LinkedIn profile

Nowadays, a great LinkedIn profile is as useful as a CV. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, then I recommend adding one. If you do have one, but it has been a bit neglected, get it updated!

Most recruiters in the technical and professional sectors will always look on LinkedIn for candidates, so make sure we can find you on there!

The tutorials on LinkedIn on how to build and complete a profile are fantastic, but for those looking for the best tips on how to get yourself found on LinkedIn by recruiters only need to email me at at click here and I will talk you through building an eye-catching LinkedIn profile, completely free of charge.

5. Look after yourself

It is always important to look after yourself and now is certainly no different.

If you are looking forward to launching yourself head-first into a new job soon the last thing you want is to get ill or burn-out quickly. By looking after yourself both physically and mentally whilst the country is in lockdown you will give yourself the best chance of succeeding.  Here is a great articlefull of useful tips on looking after yourself during the lockdown.

If you are looking for work right now then doing the above will help you secure the right role.

If you would like more advice, or have your own tips on how to get yourself into pole position for jobs then please share them in the comments section below.