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Video conferencing and manufacturing - is it a real challenge?

Author: Adrienne Howlett

Published date: 2020/04

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Things have escalated rapidly since the spread of the coronavirus in the UK and translated in a situation where clients had to stop doing face to face interviews, decided to put roles on hold and to postpone interviews until a yet to be decided date.

It is a challenge to interview in a world where the environment is key, whether that be culturally or physically, without being able to do it face to face.

However, it is only a challenge from the norm in which we are used to!

In the past weeks, we have been working with our clients about the benefits of video conferencing interviews and we had already some progress in our business and
success stories to share with you.

Our clients have confidence in the interview processes when they work with us because we know their business, the equipment they work with, the culture and what type of person will benefit them. We know this because we are industry experts.

We mainly recruit in East Anglia and being local means that we always meet our clients before starting to support them, we keep visiting throughout the year so we know the challenges that particular businesses face and how to support them.

When you are video-interviewing candidates who have been well-qualified by us, they should be able to explain their skills, abilities and procedures of working therefore you can identify whether those are transferable to your environment.

Technical tests can still be used and we have worked with our clients to provide them to candidates just before interviews in order to demonstrate their way of problem


Regardless the coronavirus situation, more and more companies are using video-screening as a key part of their selection criteria with video becoming far more prevalent and a great tool to assess personality and team dynamic.


Doing video calls is a chance to present the team, give everyone time to introduce themselves and talk about the work environment.

Moreover, companies who are already under strict regulations in normal circumstances have video tours of their factories to send to external bodies and this is a great
opportunity for businesses to promote their working environment to candidates.


During this challenging time, it is vital to change our routine in order to not missing great talents by dedicating time doing in-depth interviews. Companies need to get ready by building a strong and skilled team for when we will come out on the other side of the tunnel and here at Cooper Lomaz we support you through the whole process.