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The importance of communication

Author: Sara Agnoletti

Published date: 2020/05

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Communication is fundamental in both personal and professional life to bring people together and create relationships based on trust. 

People communicate in different ways: vocally, through written media, visually and non-verbally. All these are essential soft skills that professionals need to have for a successful career.

Communication in the workplace is an integral part of business growth; it is an essential tool in achieving productivity and gaining trust from candidates and clients who desire nothing more than to be listened to and understood by their consultants.

At Cooper Lomaz, we recognise the importance of communication, and we have created an environment where people are free to share their ideas to improve the business. 

Since the lockdown started, we have seen an increased confidence in our people during internal and external video calls and meetings, but mostly, everyone became proactive and started to share their ideas via social media posts and blogs. People who were reluctant can now see the benefits of sharing thoughts about topics important to them with the world. They could see an increase in the level of engagement and people are willing to talk more.

When starting a conversation it is important to engage and understand a little more about the person you are speaking with, what is happening in their business, how they have been affected, what their plans are going forward and how we can assist them. People will engage more with someone interested in them, their story, their challenges and opportunities more than those who focus purely on themselves. Also, starting calls talking about actual subjects instead of selling your service or a great profile creates more opportunities. It creates a soft introduction and whoever you are calling can also share their ideas and test your knowledge via deeper conversations which make people more connected.

My mission since I joined Cooper Lomaz has been to drive people to be more informative and, therefore, to improve communication, both internally and externally. My role in the company is to keep people wanting to share their opinion and engage with the audience to promote our brand and vision and to create strong and lasting working relationships.

I agree with the psychologist Ami Rokach when she said: “Before coronavirus, we may have taken our social interactions for granted and been the kind of person who said: ‘I’m terrible at keeping in touch’. Suddenly, people are becoming aware of how important it is to stay in contact with their fellow humans. Whether it’s by phone or in person, I hope this will stick with us when we come out of the pandemic.”