Navigating a post-pandemic career change

Posted September 22, 2020
The pandemic has turned all our lives upside-down. But there’s an upside to being upside-down: it gives you a new perspective. Surprising as it sounds, many people are planning a drastic career change right now – and now is a good time to act. 

Why are contractors in demand?

Posted August 10, 2020
From the beginning of lockdown, the number of people on furlough and the ones who have been made redundant has increased massively. Therefore, temporary workers have been vital to keeping companies operational and we may see a significant increase in this flexible solution.

The damage of professional ghosting

Posted July 24, 2020
Ghosting candidates might seem easier than perhaps giving bad news and you may feel a sense of relief when you consciously walk away from difficult conversations....

Cooper Lomaz Europe

Posted July 21, 2020
Cooper Lomaz Europe is partnering a number of UK and US-based businesses build Technology teams across EMEA. Please check out the article for further information and how to get in touch!

Is working from home actually beneficial?

Posted July 2, 2020
With the technology available today, it is often easier and most convenient for employees to work from home. But is this actually beneficial to both personal and company’s growth? 

Recruitment and the Engineering and Manufacturing sector

Posted June 18, 2020
The good news is that a high number of manufacturing businesses have remained open throughout the pandemic and are finding new and creative ways of working and realising the ‘new’ norm is actually increasing their production levels and employee engagement. 

Is there still room for telephone interviews?

Posted June 17, 2020
Telephone interviews are often used as the first stage of the recruitment process, as they appear to speed up the hiring process. They are quick and easy to arrange, and any completely unsuitable candidates can be filtered out at this stage....
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