Finance planning during a pandemic

Posted June 2, 2020
​In March started the biggest risk to the economy that I have ever experienced in my working life. Being a recruitment business, this so undoubtedly was going to affect our revenue....

The importance of communication

Posted May 4, 2020
Communication is fundamental in both personal and professional life to bring people together and create relationships based on trust....

Learns from lockdown for future business growth

Posted April 30, 2020
As we begin to hear some early speculation and learn a little more about possible Government exit strategies post-coronavirus, some factors are well worth considering as business starts to plan a phased uplift and ultimately a return to normality....

Graduates Week - Summary

Posted April 27, 2020
Last week we had our 'Graduates week' and we shared content directed to clients, graduates and the global audience. In case you missed something, here is a summary of what happened!

Securing Yourself Pole Position For Jobs

Posted April 20, 2020
The current Covid-19 pandemic is a worrying time for people, especially those looking for work. Whether you were already looking for a better position, or you sadly lost your job because of the pandemic, it is a difficult time to be looking for your dream job....

“Mind the gap”… again! The Gender Pay Difference 3 years on

Posted April 6, 2020
Cast your minds back to the summer of 2017. The BBC had just announced the pay of its top tier of talent and the nation collectively gasped at the salaries. The report on salaries by the BBC three years ago got the nation talking and re-ignited the debate on gender salary disparity in business....
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