Top tips for onboarding your remote workers

Published date: June 25, 2020

We all know by now that more employers are considering remote working as part of their benefits package, therefore, remote onboarding is becoming more prevalent.

In recruitment, it is difficult to meet all candidates face to face, therefore, Cooper Lomaz have been interviewing people remotely for more than 30 years!

We have pulled together some top tips to help you on your way to remote onboarding. 

Set candidates’ expectations while hearing them

Expectations must be set during the interview process by being transparent and honest about the opportunity we are presenting.

Describing at an early stage the workload, hours of work, and any key performance goals for their role will help you avoid confusion or conflict further down the line. 

Taking the time to hear their thoughts gives them confidence that you are prepared to listen to them and that you are considering their specific needs.

Create a standard remote onboarding process 

Some steps remain the same as your normal process while others need to be created depending what tools and information your new employees need to have to get up to speed. Again, it is vital to be clear from the start for them to be up and running sooner rather than later and to have a much better experience.

Send a welcome pack 

Send something to say ‘Welcome, you are now part of the team!’ and to let them know you are excited for them to join the company.

Welcome packs serve a dual purpose: they give new hires necessary resources for their job and help set the stage for a successful first day at work.

Introduce the team

It is easy to introduce everyone walking around the office while this is a little trickier with remote workers. 

Our advice is to do this over video so the new employee can still ‘put faces to names’ and feel part of the business. That will reduce the sense of loneliness and boost performance.

Ask for feedback

Since remote onboarding looks like it will be more ‘normal’, you want to make sure you did your job well. So, ask your new employees for feedback, how they found the onboarding process and if they have any suggestions on how to improve for future remote employees. 

Get in touch with us for any advice, we are here to help.