HR tech trends to watch out for in 2020

Published date: March 5, 2020

In a digital world and having to attract and work with different generations, HR is utilising more and more technology. In particular software and applications speed up processes, cut costs and gain more efficiency and productivity for a business to be able to keep up with competitors, retain and motivate staff.

We want to share with you some of the top HR tech trends to watch out for in 2020.

1. HR trained in tech-related skills

To attract and retain employees, HR must use and be knowledgeable about new technologies. Also, HR needs to ensure that both the company and people’s online presence and reputation are at their best to keep up with competitors and attract good talents.

2. Employee recognition

Employees expect to be stimulated by different types of recognition and rewards which can be received in real-time thanks to technology.

Recognition software makes it easy to remember and therefore celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, and other special events.

3. The use of cloud-based platforms

HR that uses cloud-based platforms doesn’t need to store data in-house. Also, these platforms have a high level of security.

Cloud-based platforms can be used to coach employees remotely and store learning material for people to use whenever they need it.

HR can use technology to improve and speed up engagement in the workplace, for example giving feedback.

4. Create and maintain employee health and wellbeing

It is well known that working in a relaxed environment enhances productivity and as such, more and more businesses are focusing efforts on reducing stress, mental and emotional health issues. To achieve this, companies are increasing time off work, for example giving employees longer breaks for physical fitness. Also, companies offer more and more opportunities to work remotely thanks to efficient technologies such as cloud-based platforms.

5. AI adoption

AI is the algorithms’ planet! Algorithms speed up the whole recruitment process and can be used at pre-screen and selection stages and even to provide feedback.

However, it takes time to learn and adapt processes and it can be very expensive.

Many modern recruitment consultancies will already be experts in utilising AI and could save you time and resources.

 Trends constantly change and it is vital for HR to keep ahead of the curve.