How Cooper Lomaz can halve your time to hire

Author: Michael Meyer
Published date: June 19, 2020

Video-technology is revolutionising the recruitment process, and by utilising our video-technology platform our clients are seeing their time-to-hire reduced by up to half.

Cooper Lomaz have recently invested in a market-leading video-technology platform, as we understand that quality human interaction is essential for a successful recruitment process, however, that multiple stage face-to-face meetings can be time-consuming.

We use our platform to cut out unnecessary, time-consuming first stage interviews. For any businesses who follow the ‘typical’ 3-stage process (telephone + 2 meetings), this platform can completely eradicate the need for the first two stages.

It does this by allowing us to introduce candidates to you who have already answered the pre-screening questions you would typically ask them on a telephone and/or 1st stage face-to-face interview. Essentially, we record the candidates answering YOUR questions, and send you the recording directly to you. You can then watch these recording at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

This video-technology keeps you completely in control of the recruitment process, but significantly reduces the amount of time you spend reading CV’s, preparing and attending interviews just to assess basic job suitability and fit.

This allows you to skip straight through to the final stages, where you only invest time in meeting people who have a strong chance of being given the job. Being able to do this saves you a huge amount of valuable time, and reduces the risk of you losing your preferred candidate simply because your competitor moved quicker.

If you could attract the best talent in half the time, why wouldn’t you? 

To talk to Cooper Lomaz about how we can halve your time to hire, or for a demo of our video-technology platform, please contact us.