Craig Fenn

Published date: June 2, 2020

What is your specialism at Cooper Lomaz? 

My specialism is key accounts across the IT sector.

What interests you most about the industry you recruit in?

It’s an ever-changing industry with new tech and new advances constantly. This means I am constantly learning. 

What do you do when you are not in the office?

Rocking the single dad life! I am teaching him to skateboard currently. I have my son 50% of the week so this takes up a lot of time, which I love. 

What do you love most about recruitment?

I love learning (not so much when I was at school!) and working in the sector I do I am constantly discovering new things and I am amazed by technology all of the time. 

What is the best bit of advice you would give to somebody looking to get into the industry you recruit in / recruitment?

One of our values stands out to me reading this question: perseverance. Everyone needs to be perseverant throughout life in general as it throws up highs and lows. If you learn to persevere, you will get where you want to be.  

What did you do before recruitment? 

Before recruitment, I used to run a team selling renewable technologies. I enjoyed doing it as they were very technical products that required study around the finer details. 

Who inspires you and why?

My son, I am constantly amazed by how he develops and adapts. He wants to be a scientist or a pilot when he gets older and understands how hard he has to study to get there. I’m super proud of him and what he achieves. 

An interesting fact about you…

I can play the digeridoo, how well I do not know but I can play it!