Henry Dawson

Author: Henry Dawson
Published date: July 31, 2020
What is your specialism at Cooper Lomaz?  

Information Technology & Digital.


What interests you most about the industry you recruit in?

IT is at the forefront of most businesses and is constantly changing, therefor there is always something new to learn. It's fast passed and that`s how I like to work.


What do you do when you are not in the office?

When I`m not in the office I`m a keen sportsman, previously playing football at a high level. I`m extremely sociable and enjoy spending time with family and friends.


What do you love most about recruitment?

The great thing about recruitment is how diverse it is. Speaking to candidates, clients and organisations offering a top level service and changing people`s lives is something every recruiter should enjoy.


What is the best bit of advice you would give to somebody looking to get into the industry you recruit in / recruitment?

Recruitment is a service, therefore, it involves a form of sales – be ready to work hard and play hard.

To be good you have to graft but also work smart. You hear the stories of recruiters making tons of cash but this is only true for people who put the work in.


What did you do before recruitment? 

Before Recruitment I worked in Field sales for a stationary company... Yes essentially I was that guy who would turn up at your office trying to sell you some pens!

It was a big learning curve and taught me a lot of skills some of which I still use today.


Who inspires you and why?

This is a good question - A lot of people would answer a celebrity or someone well known but simply I would say my father. He built his career from nothing other than determination, without a helping hand and taught me the value of hard work. Seeing what he has achieved to date inspires me.


An interesting fact about you…

I played at a high level of football prior to my recruitment career.