Meet Jake Leslie - One of our newest Recruitment Consultants

Published date: April 27, 2022

Jake joined us 8 weeks ago as an IT Consultant for Cambridge. Having previously come from a sales background, this was his frist introduction into the world of recruitment. After making the most of the training and support on hand here at Cooper Lomaz, Jake has continually pushed himself and is having great success within the company.

We decided to catch up with him and find out about his recruitment jounrey so far!



What attracted you to recruitment?

Lots of my friends and family said that I’d be really good at recruitment because I like talking to people and think I’m good at building rapport with people. I also wanted to be somewhere that I could thrive, and I think there’s the potential to make lots of money! 


What would you say to people looking to get into recruitment?

Well, I was brand new to recruitment and I’m absolutely loving it so I would say don’t be scared to jump in head first! All the support is there at Cooper Lomaz, even if you’ve not done it before, so don’t be afraid to just jump in and get involved. We’ve got all the tools in place at Cooper Lomaz to help you succeed!


How does recruitment compare to other sales roles?

The major difference is that I can build relationships with people and I like the fact that I can help the find the right jobs for the candidates and the client!


Why should someone join Cooper Lomaz?

We’ve got a great a culture and a great team. We’ve got great incentives such as going all inclusive to Barbados! I think there’s a real base to build a career.



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