Transforming Careers: Cooper Lomaz Success Stories

Published date: March 22, 2024

At Cooper Lomaz Recruitment, situated in the heart of Norwich, we firmly believe in the transformative power of the right placement—shaping not just individual careers but also propelling businesses forward.

We often discuss the careers of jobseekers we transform and the businesses we assist, helping to improve their hiring processes. However, we would like to take a moment to share the success stories of some of our team members!


Our Team's Journey


Our success is driven by a team of committed recruiters working diligently behind the scenes. At Cooper Lomaz, we take great pride in acknowledging and rewarding our team's achievements through various means such as professional development, commission, and incentives. Below are highlights from the journeys of several team members.


Claire Christmas


Claire's story is particularly notable. Coming from a background in recruitment, she joined us as a Senior Consultant. Within a year, Claire had already distinguished herself as one of our most effective performers. Her hard work was acknowledged with a promotion to Principal Consultant and, more recently, to Client Relationship Manager. Having been with us for over seven years, Claire now plays a crucial role, representing our business to many esteemed clients and securing business that significantly contributes to our consultants' success.


Christian Gapuz


Christian embarked on his journey with us in 2022 as a Delivery Consultant, immediately after university. Guided by the exceptional Sheridan Kelly, he quickly adapted to his role. Within just a year, Christian advanced to Technical Recruitment Consultant, consistently achieving remarkable targets and exceeding his personal financial goals.


Evelina Svediene


Evelina joined us as a Delivery Consultant in 2021 and swiftly demonstrated her prowess. However, she soon realised that her true passion lay outside of direct recruitment. Recognising her value, we supported her shift towards HR. Evelina embarked on training and transitioned into a HR Advisor role, where she excelled and eventually was promoted to HR & Operations Lead, becoming an integral part of our senior leadership team. She now plays a vital role in maintaining our team's morale, operation standards, and ensuring each of our team is set up for success.


Ed Slade


Starting in May 2023 as a Marketing Assistant, Ed immediately demonstrated his potential. Assisting our recruiters with business development, job advertisements, and our businesses branding, he quickly made a notable impact. This led to his rapid promotion to Marketing Executive after just eight months.



Could You Be Our Next Success Story?

As we continue to craft our narrative, we are on the lookout for driven individuals eager to join our team. Whether you're a seasoned recruiter, a sales professional seeking a new venture, or someone enthusiastic about exploring the fast-paced recruitment sector, Cooper Lomaz offers a platform for professional growth, success, and significant impact.


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