Cooper Lomaz have gone…

Published date: May 20, 2024



We're excited to announce that Cooper Lomaz has relocated and undergone a brand refresh. Our updated branding introduces modernised colours and a revamped website. Behind the scenes, we've been developing new initiatives to enhance the quality of service we provide to our clients and candidates.

New Branding

Cooper Lomaz have gone green! Our new brand colours were carefully selected to mirror our business ethos:

  • Green symbolises success
  • Green drives innovation
  • Green denotes specialisation
  • Green represents leadership
  • Green commits to sustainability

Though well-established with a rich heritage, we remain forward-thinking, continuously seeking ways to elevate our service. This commitment has solidified our position as a trusted leader in recruitment over the past 35 years.

New Office

Alongside our rebranding, we've moved into a new office. Responding to team feedback, we shifted from a traditional industrial setting to a contemporary space that supports a dynamic work environment.

Additionally, we have updated all our tech and systems to ensure our team loves where they work and is best set up to succeed.

This move also expands our capacity to welcome new team members. If you’re interested in joining us, please get in touch.

[Explore our new office here]

New Green Initiatives

At Cooper Lomaz, when we say we are going to do something, we do it!

At Cooper Lomaz, we commit to our promises. Six years ago, we aimed to achieve net zero by 2030, but realised we needed to accelerate our efforts. Our team, passionate about sustainability, has supported initiatives like our cycle-to-work scheme and advanced recycling programs. These were positive steps, but not sufficient on their own.

To further our commitment, we’ve launched a tree planting initiative; for every placement we make, three trees are planted:

  • 1 tree planted on behalf of the candidate.
  • 1 tree planted on behalf of the client.
  • 1 tree planted on behalf of the consultant.

This initiative puts us on track to reach our net zero goal by 2026, earlier than planned, showcasing our commitment to setting new standards in corporate responsibility.

[Read more about our green measures here]

We are so passionate about surpassing our net zero goal that we have added sustainability as one of our core values — ensuring all of our business operations are conducted with sustainable practices in mind.

Updated Values

Alongside sustainability, we’ve refined our core values to maintain the high quality of our specialist services. Our values are encapsulated in our new SCRIPT:

S ustainability

C ommitment to quality

R eliability

I  ntegrity

P rofessionalism

T ransparency

[Learn more about our SCRIPT here]

Improved Service

We've set new standards across the business to ensure daily adherence to these values, allowing us to offer reliable, professional, and transparent recruitment services. We'll share more details on these initiatives soon.

New Website

We’re thrilled to unveil our new website, designed to be user-friendly and reflective of our new brand identity. It showcases our successes with clients and candidates alike.

The Future

Our office move and brand refresh mark a thrilling new chapter for Cooper Lomaz. As a team committed to sustainability, innovation, and success, we continue to strive for excellence. Our journey towards net zero by 2026, paired with our high-quality recruitment services, aims to make a positive impact on the world while matching jobseekers with leading businesses.