Just starting your career? Or maybe looking to change to a new sector? Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our guide to starting out in a new industry.

Start by identifying the type of jobs in your desired industry. Think about the skills you have and which of these skills are transferrable into your desired job. You’ll also need to start thinking about which qualifications will assist you in landing your dream job. Your consultant will be able to provide advice and guidance on this for you.

Next, start reading about current affairs related to your industry. Let’s take Wind Energy as an example. First look for general news – read about the energy sector in all the major newspapers and websites (BBC, The Telegraph, The Guardian, etc.). Next, find some more specific sources, in this case about Renewable Energy. Finally, find some publications that specifically feature the latest developments in Wind Energy. This way you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the sector but also a detailed knowledge of your chosen area.

Now that you’ve got a knowledge of your sector, and the relevant skills you have for the jobs within it, it’s time to think about applying for jobs. The best place to start is the Cooper Lomaz jobs page.

Decided on a role you want? Excellent. Now it’s time to prepare to apply. Is your CV up to scratch? How’s your cover letter writing? Check out our CV and Cover Letter guides and the rest of the Help Centre to make sure you’re selling yourself as best as you can. Done this? Looks like you’re ready, good luck with your applications!