Resigning from your job can be a difficult and daunting situation. Whether you’ve had a good or bad experience with your current employer, you still have to hand in your letter of resignation to your boss and probably explain the situation. Here’s our guide on how to resign cleanly and respectfully.

When writing your letter of resignation, make sure you are clear and to the point. There’s no reason to explain why you’re leaving in your letter of resignation, the letter simply needs to state that you’re resigning and when your last day will be.

When you’re on your way to see your boss with your letter keep in mind a few things so that you’re prepared. The likelihood is, this meeting will be fairly short and straightforward, but it’s worth being prepared anyway. Your boss might try and persuade you to stay; you may be offered a pay rise, you may even be offered a promotion. You need to remember the reasons you were looking for another job in the first place… see our section on Counteroffers for more information.

Politely inform your boss that it is time for you to move on, or something similar, and hand over your letter of resignation. Make sure you agree upon an end date with them.

After the conversation is over allow a little time for your boss to process what has happened before you tell all your colleagues (it might be worth discussing the way the news will be delivered with your boss in the meeting).

Here are our top tips for resigning smoothly:

  • Keep your letter of resignation clean and concise.
  • Agree a date for your final day
  • Remain professional throughout your notice period