The Matthew Taylor Review – A Coffee Break Guide

Date Published: 25-07-2017

The Matthew Taylor Review is a massive 115 page Review of Employment Practices in the Modern Economy that was requested by the government. W...
Cambridge Network Members

5th July 2017: Cambridge Network’s Candidate Evening

Date Published: 26-06-2017

As we know, Cambridge is a real hot spot for technology right now and one of the fastest growing places in the country. With no less than 4 ...
2017 Hiring Outlook

Looking Ahead – 2017 Employment Outlook

Date Published: 06-01-2017

2016 wasn’t exactly an easy year for the UK starting with a tough Budget in spring, then Brexit and David Cameron’s resignation and culm...

The Falling Pound Could Be a Good Time to Hire

Date Published: 07-07-2016

Right now, the British pound is the weakest it has been for 30 years which is quite dramatic and will certainly affect businesses and indivi...

The Highest Paid Jobs We’re Currently Recruiting

Date Published: 13-05-2016

We all need to work in order to pay our bills and support our families, as well as enjoying having cash left over to spend on leisure activi...