Our Office

We've moved into a new office!

Responding to team feedback, we shifted from a traditional industrial setting to a contemporary space that supports a dynamic work environment.

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Additionally, we have updated all our tech and systems to ensure our team loves where they work and is best set up to succeed.

Explore Our New Office Space

Welcome to our dynamic new office, designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and comfort. Each space within our office reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation.

The Core

Our new Board Room, named 'The Core,' is designed to represent the centre and origin of everything we do. It's where our strategies are designed, our plans are made, and our values are embedded. This room is the very heart of our environment, facilitating crucial decision-making and strategy development.

The Green Room

The Green Room is where our team can kick back, relax, and prepare for the day's challenges. It's a space dedicated to unwinding and enjoying some light-hearted fun away from the stresses of the daily grind.


'Meet2Eat' offers a cosy refuge for those rainy days—perfect for enjoying lunch or a casual meeting. It's our indoor alternative to enjoying the great outdoors.

Park Space

For those warm, sunny days, our 'Park Space' provides a fantastic outdoor area where you can refresh and recharge in the sunshine.

The Box

'The Box' is a quirky, private space ideal for one-on-one meetings or important video calls with clients and candidates. It’s also suited for any personnel and confidentiality (P&C) tasks that need attention.

The 'O' Zone

In 'The O' Zone, we provide operational support covering everything from people's needs and marketing outreach to finance. This area ensures our business operations run smoothly, enabling our team to effectively fulfil their roles.

The Market Place

Our trading floor, known as 'The Market Place,' is where we deliver industry-leading advice to both clients and candidates. This bustling area is the hub of our sales activity, helping us to achieve our financial goals.

Work from Work Strategy

Embracing a 'Work from Work' strategy, we are dedicated to creating the best environment for our people to learn, enjoy, and succeed. We look forward to showing you around and introducing you to the place where we make it all happen!

This move also expands our capacity to welcome new team members. If you’re interested in joining us, please get in touch.