Permanent Recruitment

Recruitment demands specialist skills to identify the right candidate. Hiring the wrong person can be very costly and disruptive. Not only do you have to live with the dawning realisation that all is not well with your new hire – often over several months. You also have to go through the whole recruitment process again (with all associated time, effort and cost).

This is why at Cooper Lomaz we work closely with our clients to ensure that their needs are understood and taken into account. The sector-specific expertise of every Cooper Lomaz consultant enables us to identify and source the type of candidate who is likely to be a good match for your company.

By developing an in-depth knowledge of your business and keeping an ongoing dialogue, we allow you to remain firmly in control of events, and yet you’re free to focus on your mainstream business activities. This stress-free solution to permanent recruitment involves minimal time input on your part and maximises the chances of finding the perfect addition to your team.

In all cases, we follow a highly effective step-by-step process to develop an in-depth knowledge of your business, together with an understanding of the type of people and skills you need to optimise your company performance. Here’s how it works:

STEP ONE – Let’s communicate!

From early discussions, we gain an overview of your business and its human resources needs. From an evaluation of your corporate culture, we then designate an experienced consultant to look after your present (and longer term) recruitment needs.

STEP TWO – Searching our database

At this stage, a job description and skills analysis is created either by you and your company, or Cooper Lomaz. As a first step, we search our own database of over 200,000 specialist candidates for possible matches based on the job description. (We also subscribe to a number of specialist CV databases.)

Database or ‘Contingency’ Recruitment Explained:
This is where we search our extensive database to find the most suitable candidate for your particular vacancy. The database is updated regularly and lists candidates who are actively looking for a job. Having access to our own list of potential candidates gives us a head start when it comes to searching pro-actively for individuals with particular skillsets or experience. If a potential match is found, Cooper Lomaz then invite the person for interview and follow the recruitment and assessment process in the usual way.

STEP THREE – Advertising that reaches out

If no suitable candidate emerges from our standard search process, we will then create advertisements targeting the type of candidate and skills you’re looking for.
The ads will feature on our website as well as on national and specialist job boards. For certain vacancies, we will also run ads in specialist or national media. This includes the creation of artwork and buying media space on your behalf.

STEP FOUR – Interviewing services and selection

Cooper Lomaz will conduct interviews on your behalf (or provide you and your team with advice on best interviewing practice). Either way, our expertise in this field will save you valuable time and also help in ultimately appointing the best candidate.

We will screen all CVs received to create an initial shortlist before going on to the first round of interviews. This stage will obviously include the careful evaluation of each candidate’s background and skills, as well as their overall suitability as a potential employee with your company.

STEP FIVE – The final selection

Once the interviews are completed – and acting on your behalf – we will advise all candidates on the outcome of their application. As well as being a courteous response to the time each candidate has invested in applying for the post, we aim to provide an exceptional candidate experience that reflects positively on your company brand.

STEP SIX – Follow-up on every placement

Although placing a high quality candidate is a rewarding experience for everyone concerned, Cooper Lomaz see this as only the beginning of an ongoing process. We will continue to monitor the successful candidate’s progress with regular follow-up calls to both you and your new team member.

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