Date Published: 04-02-2015

Are you recruiting at the moment and aren’t sure what the going rate is? Want to know what’s most important to candidates at the moment? Let us help you attract and retain the very best talent on the market.

Every year Cooper Lomaz carries out a survey to find out average salaries and day rates for the industries we recruit in. This year we heard from 1,500 people through an online survey and combined that data with information from 15,000 candidate interviews. The survey produced some interesting insights into the local recruitment market.

A good example is web development. A mid-level Mobile Developer working in Norfolk receives an average salary of £30k-40k per annum. However, if you hop across the border to Suffolk it increases to £38k-45k, and goes up to £45k-55k in Cambridgeshire. That’s a big difference.

In the current market, skilled candidates are at a premium. Use our Salary Survey to make sure you have the edge when it comes to securing the best talent.

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