Date Published: 01-02-2017

Once again, Cooper Lomaz is a proud Partner Sponsor of NorDevCon, an annual conference at the Kings Centre in Norwich which celebrates Norfolk based Developers.

We’re really excited about this great event so we wanted to give you ten reasons you should visit…

  1. You’re Interested in Web Technology – The phrase “web technology” may not sound like the most interesting thing on the planet, but it really is exciting how fast the internet and technology is moving.
  2. You want to know how to get a job in IT – Although you may think there aren’t many jobs in IT because it’s something everyone wants to get involved in, you may be shocked to find that there just aren’t enough candidates. NorDevCon could be your gateway to learn how to get into it!
  3. You’ll Learn Something New – There is a whole schedule of seminars and workshops that will teach you about everything from powerful software packages to coding basics.
  4. Guest Speakers from Top Brands – There are loads of guest speakers from companies you use every single day like Microsoft, The Guardian and Skype.
  5. There’s a Free Wine Reception – Who can say no to a networking event with free wine? You may make some contacts that will help you get your foot in the door!
  6. Our Very Own Mark Fletcher is Speaking – I told you that you wouldn’t quite believe this one! Our Operations Director who has been in recruitment for 15 years will be speaking about how to hire and get hired in this technological world!
  7. There’s Nothing Else Like it in Norfolk – NorDevCon really is one of a kind in Norfolk and will play host to over 400 likeminded people over the course of three days. It’s a great event that we’re incredibly proud to sponsor for the second year running!
  8. Well there you have it, 7 reasons to visit NorDevCon 2017!

    NorDevCon 2017 is at the Kings Centre on King Street in Norwich from 23rd to 25th February 2017.

    You can find out more and buy tickets on the NorDevCon website: