Date Published: 07-04-2016

Technology is moving quickly, companies are more innovative and jobs that we didn’t believe could ever be an actual thing, and were maybe just part of a larger role are now standalone jobs. It’s pretty crazy how far we’ve come!

Here are a selection of some jobs that will really put in check how technologically advanced the world is in 2016…

  1. Social Media Executive – Can you believe that some people get paid up to £30,000 a year solely to sit on Facebook and Twitter, posting things for various companies? Well, it turns out that people do, which seems absurd really considering the amount of people who do it voluntarily!
  1. Market Research Data Miner – In this role you will be responsible for trawling the internet looking for consumer trends like what people are buying, what people are looking at and generally what they’re doing online to help online retailers and businesses predict what consumers will want in the future.320px-CERN_LHC_Tunnel1
  1. App Developer – Ten years ago nobody would have thought that there would be millions and millions of apps that will do pretty much anything you want from handy work related apps like Evernote all the way to games that frustrate people to the point that the developer had to remove it from the app store, like Flappy Bird.
  1. Lead Test Engineer – Although people have been required to test new things for hundreds of years, nowadays you get people whose jobs are to test and pick apart every single part of a website or software’s interface and user capability and fill in detailed reports to send to developers so they can fix any bugs!
  1. Sustainability Manager – 10 years ago, recycling was just part of someone’s job but these days it IS someone’s job. Most large corporations have someone who is solely responsible for reducing their company’s carbon footprint.
  1. SEO Specialist – SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is about analysing website copy and manipulating keywords in order to get your website as high as you possibly can in search engine rankings.
  1. Professional Blogger – 10 years ago, people had blogs but it’s not something people got paid to do. Now, if your company needs blog posts written you can draft someone who’s more engaging than your regular copywriter!
  1. Chief Listening Officer – A Chief Listening Officer basically does the opposite thing to a Social Media Executive in that they don’t post things, they literally just read social media all day to pick up current trends.

All of these jobs are highly specialist, even Social Media Executive, despite how simple they may seem!

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