Date Published: 04-07-2018

In 2017 Cooper Lomaz Recruitment sent a band of 8 intrepid travellers to complete and take part in the National 3 peaks challenge. Following the success of this trip we decided this year we would tackle an easier (so we thought) challenge of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks.

This year 7 keen members signed up for the trip. Fast forward 3 months and the reality set in and the day had arrived! Training missed, dietary preparation discarded with blasé attitudes prominent.  ‘Well we did the National 3 peaks so this will be a doddle’ was a communal water fountain conversation.

Last Friday the ‘magnificent 7’ headed off to ‘God’s own Country’ (Yorkshire) as they call it, and the challenge began. Firstly what was due to be a ‘quick blast up the A1’ became 6 hours of gridlock in a very hot mini bus. Next, the realisation that the journey clashed with England v Belgium World Cup match, meant tempers were fraying in the bus, and a pit-stop to watch the match was needed (delaying arrival even further).

Reaching West Yorkshire it sounds like a questionable Travelodge was used for the night and an even more questionable breakfast, striking one of the team down with instant food poisoning! Suddenly the magnificent 7 were 6 and not quite so magnificent. Then the biggest challenge the team had not factored in – the current UK heatwave. It’s OK, no-one would attempt this trip without sun cream, a hat and plenty of water, surely?

So without further ado, let us introduce the crew of muscle and fitness (from left to right):

Liam “I have sun cream but won’t apply it” Flegg, Steve “I don’t need sun cream” Coates, Stuart ‘I’ve just returned from 2 weeks holiday, therefore have a base tan” Wilson, Dan “I don’t wear sun cream in the UK” Burgis, Phil “I have a hat & sun cream so feel infinitely better than everyone for it” Watson, Ross “I wish I’d not had that breakfast” Markiewicz and Harry “So this is what the North looks like” Calvert.

So there they were 7 men, one bottle of sun cream, searing heat and just 24.5 miles of climbing up and down 3 splendid Yorkshire peaks ahead of them. Note to all future climbers, Doc Martens are not walking boots. This fact was proven by Thomas Dykes in 2017, and compounded by Harry Calvert in 2018.

Marching on, the team tackled the first peak with relative ease, unfortunately no-one had accounted for the hour walk between peaks. Swiftly, Steve brought up a historic knee injury. You know- that old chestnut. Obviously giving up was not an option, so the second peak was tackled, but at a much slower pace. Alas, lack of water and the heat were now starting to take effect, that’s for sure.

The sun beating down, temperatures had in fact reached a scorching 32 degrees. The highest on record for the last 23 years! An ice cream van proved a temporary team saviour, with 99’ers and water purchased by all. With just the final peak in their sights, the team powered both up and down, finishing in a record time of 11 hours 25 mins!

Commenting on his Three Peaks experience Liam Flegg said ‘I have to say I am massively proud of my achievement and couldn’t have picked a better group to go with! It has by far been the most challenging event, both mentally and physically I have taken part in’.

Sophie Mayes, Corporate Fundraiser for EACH charity said “We’d like to say massive congratulations to the Cooper Lomaz team, who did so fantastically well completing the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge last weekend! Battling through the 32 degrees heat, the team did so brilliantly to complete the challenge in 11 hours and 25 minutes. We’re so fortunate to be working with the team at Cooper Lomaz, and look forward to their next fundraising adventure!”

All this hard work was to raise funds for the Cooper Lomaz 2018 charity partners; East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices and the Dogs Trust.

Thanks to all those that have sponsored the team so far. The total now exceeds £1,000 but there is still time to show your support, and donate to these fantastic causes. You can continue to donate at Virgin Money Giving.