Date Published: 25-05-2018

It seems for the last couple of months, there has been a big emphasis around the subject of GDPR. However the reality is, this process started over two years ago and was put in place to ‘harmonise’ data privacy laws across Europe as well as give greater protection and rights to individuals.

If somehow you have escaped all of the content and emails surrounding GDPR, this is what you’ve missed:

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information of individuals within the European Union (EU) and has come into effect across the EU as of today.

The GDPR sets out the principles for data management and the rights of the individual, while also imposing fines that can be revenue-based. The General Data Protection Regulation covers all companies that deal with data of EU citizens.

Essentially for the recruitment industry this means candidates have greater control over who has their personal data, and what people do with it. This effects both recruitment agencies and the employers.

For the past 12 months we’ve had an internal project team here at Cooper Lomaz Recruitment who have been looking at every aspect of the legislation, what it means for us, how we need to adapt to implement this and how it will affect the businesses and candidates we partner with.

This involved upgrading our CRM system, updating our internal policies, updating our contracts and terms of business and implementing a market leading consent portal which allows our candidates to be in complete control of how their personal data is used.

We know from speaking to our candidates and clients that they are looking for assurances from their agencies that they are GDPR compliant.
We are pleased to confirm to you that we are a GDPR compliant business.
If you want to find out how we are a GDPR compliant business, please email us at