Date Published: 31-05-2016

Following on from our previous article about how EU Citizens who are currently living and working within the UK would be affected by the UK leaving the EU, we’ve also been pondering how British people who live or work abroad will be affected.

There are currently around 1.3 million British people living in other European countries, according to the United Nations, with the vast majority living in Spain, Ireland and France.

As we discussed in the previous article about EU Citizens living in the UK, it is entirely possible that nothing would change and we see some kind of deal like Norway has where despite not being in the EU, their citizens still have free movement.

There are fears, however, that other EU member states could be angered or upset by the UK’s decision to leave the EU and put pressure on British Expats to return to the UK by revoking free healthcare or other benefits that British Expats are currently entitled to.

This could see more Brits returning to the UK to live and work which could potentially lower the shortage in various skills and therefore lower unemployment rates yet again.
Many British Expats are also worried what will happen to their second homes in EU member states if the UK was to leave the EU and the good news is that their ownership status won’t change because a country still has to respect an individual’s property rights.

Unless we see a deal like Norway has, we could see mandatory visas being imposed on British Nationals in order for them to continue to live and work within the countries they currently call home, but again, that remains to be seen.

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