Date Published: 27-06-2016

On Friday, the British government held its first public referendum to determine whether we should remain in the EU, which resulted in 52% of voters (from a 75% national turnout) voting that we should leave.

As a result, this has led to the resignation of our Prime Minister David Cameron who says we will find a new Prime Minister by October; thus far, we don’t know whether it will be a Conservative Party handover, or another general election.

In order to formally leave the EU, the British government are required to trigger a motion called Article 50, which is effectively a resignation letter and process with the EU. As simple as it sounds, it is actually not and could take anywhere from 2 to 10 years to withdraw from the EU once Article 50 has been triggered.

Once Article 50 is triggered, the UK will not be out of the EU immediately but negotiations will begin, and as a result we won’t be involved in any further decision making within the EU.

David Cameron has said, however, that triggering Article 50 will be the responsibility of the new Prime Minister; a decision that many are not happy with as it continues the cycle of uncertainty.

This uncertainty could potentially affect recruitment with businesses unsure about hiring before the government releases more details about an independent Britain.

In situations like this, there are two common reactions for business owners – overreacting or doing nothing – but it is important to put personal political feelings to one side and look at the potential positives that can come from it and continue to work along those lines.

A situation like the UK exiting the EU, although scary, could be a great opportunity for British businesses to develop a new global market or benefit from reduced regulation of the labour market, making it easier and more cost effective to hire.

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