Date Published: 10-01-2017

I know that for many 2016 was a tough year.  If you read anything on social media you’ll have seen the sad loss of a seemingly high number of well-loved celebrities and of course there was all the turbulence and angst surrounding Brexit and then Trump.

Whilst we were aware of these events and in the case of Brexit affected by them for us at Cooper Lomaz we can look back on 2016 as a good year.

We strengthened our senior leadership team with the appointment of a new Commercial Director Simon Brown back in March.  Working together Simon, Jane and Charlotte and I began to develop a shared vision for the business.

Our appetite to provide world class professional and technical recruitment services with a strong regional focus remains undiminished.  And our desire to brilliantly connect our clients and candidates is as strong as ever.  However we started to think about the kind of company culture that had made the business great in the past and the sort of values we needed to drive our success in the future.  We recognised the importance of nurturing skills and knowledge in our consultants and building a mature and capable workforce.  We noted how important high levels of energy and a strong work ethic are in recruitment but we also wanted to temper that with high levels of empathy for our clients, candidates and team mates.  We determined to apply ourselves to our goals with real passion but never to compromise the quality or accuracy of our work.  And we became convinced that we could be the best at what we do without compromising our integrity.  We wanted to win and we wanted our clients, candidates and staff to share in that success too.

All this culminated in an ambitious 4 year plan to take us up to 2020 to double the size of our business over that period.  At the heart of the plan is a strategy to build stronger, deeper, more engaged client relationships across the East of England.  We are convinced that we are at our happiest and our best as a business when we are externally focused and deeply engaged with the businesses and organisations we serve in our local communities.  We want these businesses to see us as a trusted partner who represents them in the employment market place and provides them with excellent advice.  If we get this right we can offer our candidates access to the best opportunities in East Anglia and enable them to fulfil their career ambitions.

So in a year when everyone is talking about AI and driverless cars and the rise of the robots we’re talking about becoming more human.  We love technology but we also know that at the key points in life and business – when you’re making a critical hire – when you’re changing jobs what you want most is the reassurance and honest advice of a real human being.

I hope 2017 is a great year for you in life and in business.  Here at Cooper Lomaz we’re fired up and ready to go!  2017 we’re coming to get you!!!