Date Published: 24-03-2015

Cooper Lomaz have signed an exclusive Managed Service agreement with Kinnerton Confectionery, Britain’s largest independent manufacturer of chocolate confectionery. Cooper Lomaz will recruit all salaried and professional roles for the company’s flagship site in Fakenham, Norfolk.

The agreement means that Kinnerton will have all their hiring needs filled in a simple, hassle-free way. Cooper Lomaz will market all of their vacancies, seek out the best candidates and thoroughly screen them against the job description before presenting them to Kinnerton for interview.

Advent Chocolates

Advent chocolates for Christmas 2015 in production.

Why is this important? It lets the busy staff at Kinnerton get on with doing what they do best, making delicious chocolate!

While Kinnerton are famous worldwide for their character-themed items (e.g. Advent Calendars and Easter Eggs), they are also known for their commitment to manufacturing allergen-free products. Half of their factory is completely nut free, with a wall and airlock separating it from the ‘nut-zone’. They also make egg free, dairy free, and gluten free confectionery.

After everything was official, representatives from Cooper Lomaz visited the factory site to speak with Kinnerton again and discuss how best to help grow their business by attracting the very best talent (and have a factory tour!). After all, they are the current holders of the EDP Business Awards – Best Employer 2014 tile. It was decided that to make the most of their award winning track record and, in addition to providing their benchmark recruitment services, Cooper Lomaz would undertake a marketing campaign to raise the awareness level of Kinnerton as an employer of choice in the food industry. This will involve social media, online and printed marketing, and content creation, but will also include a dedicated microsite for Kinnerton on the Cooper Lomaz website.

Overall, the aim is to make the process of hiring new staff as easy as possible for Kinnerton. Cooper Lomaz have spent time getting to know the company and its staff so that our specialist recruitment consultants can source high calibre candidates that will fit in with the chocolatier’s company ethos.

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