Cooper Lomaz, UTCN, Engineering, Skills Shortage

Date Published: 06-03-2018

Cooper Lomaz are delighted to announce that they have been asked to partner with University Technical College Norwich (UTCN) as part of their Industry Liaison Group, which ensures UTCN students have the technical and employability skills to make a meaningful contribution in the workplace from day one.


With skills shortages in the UK, and an economy which is expected to grow by 2.2% this year, it is more important than ever to harness talent at a young age to ensure that the next generation of workers have the skills the economy needs to thrive. Cooper Lomaz are immensely proud to be able to assist a great organisation who pride themselves on developing such talent.


Speaking about the partnership with Cooper Lomaz, UTCN Principal Alex Hayes says: “We are delighted to welcome Cooper Lomaz to our Industry Liaison Group. Our vision is to develop tomorrow’s engineering and technology specialists and we can only do this effectively with the help of our employer partners. Working with Cooper Lomaz will support our students to develop the kind of employability skills that are so important to local and national employers.”


Cooper Lomaz will be supporting the students with their own industry expert Recruitment Consultants and leaders, who will be able to provide advice and support them whilst they prepare for the world of employment, which is a daunting task for many.


Throughout the year, Cooper Lomaz will be working with UTCN at various career days for the students, providing expert advice on CV writing, job applications, and interview skills. Their experienced Consultants in both the Engineering and Technology fields will be on hand to not only coach the students and prepare them for upcoming interviews, but also provide them with industry expertise to help the students identify suitable sectors for their future, and assist them in making informed career choices.


Managing Director of Cooper Lomaz, Simon Brown says:  “This is a really exciting time for Cooper Lomaz to become a part of the Industry Liaison Group, and we are delighted to have been invited by UTCN. We take our Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously at Cooper Lomaz, and this extends far beyond the work we do with our local charity partners. Being able to help and support the next generation of workers gain the employability skills they need at this key stage of their development allows us to give something back to the community.”


This is a fantastic opportunity for Cooper Lomaz to ensure that the emerging talent are able to receive the very best coaching and advice as they take their first steps into the workplace, by working closely alongside a number of industry-leading organisations as part of the Industry Liaison Group. With Engineering and Technology set to be two of the fastest growing industries in the UK in the forthcoming years, it is important they can support UTCN with providing their students with the skills and experience they need to have hugely successful careers.