Date Published: 06-06-2018

Today marks Global Running day, a worldwide celebration of running, and we’ll be celebrating at Cooper Lomaz with millions of you, by putting our best foot forward and going for a run, as we take strides towards leading a healthier lifestyle.

Running is one of the most straightforward ways to get the important benefits of exercise. It improves aerobic fitness, cardiovascular health, psychological benefits and more importantly burns calories allowing us to accommodate a few more cocktails on a Friday night!

With Mental Health Week headlining recently, running is known to improve stress and mental health issues, just running out with friends, chat in its self becomes therapeutic.  We may joke we are putting the world to rights, when really we are indulging in our preoccupations as we jog along. Needless to say, going out for a run on your own has its own head-clearing benefits, and exercise generally is a proven remedy for anxiety, stress and wellbeing.

At Cooper Lomaz we like to make life happier and healthier encouraging people of all abilities to join our running club which is back on the agenda every Wednesday from 20th June.

Taking up running can seem a daunting prospect, especially if you feel unfit or out of shape, but we actively encourage all participants, taking it steady to begin with, and gain the important benefits it offers.  So let’s get on the right track and start running because team work makes the dream work!