CLR Football Cup

Date Published: 20-09-2016

Last Friday saw an epic battle between our Norwich and Bury St Edmunds offices to determine which office had the better football players.

The Teams

Bury St Edmunds: Dan Burgis; Stuart Wilson; Simon Brown; Tim Baldwin; Thomas Dykes (Captain and Gareth Bale lookalike); Steven Coates; Tom Dixon; Ben Tippett

Norwich: Will Spalding; Ryan Sadler; Stephen Paul; Jonny Percival (Captain); Jonny Harrison; David Smillie; Dan Madden; Alex Jones; Matt Barber

The game kicked off at Red Lodge in Bury St Edmunds at 5pm on Friday 16th September 2016, and was off to a roaring start with Norwich’s Dan Madden scoring with just a minute on the clock before Bury’s own Gareth Bale Thomas Dykes prevented him from slipping another in, with a sliding tackle.

10 action packed minutes of an end to end game continued before Norwich got four more goals in quick succession; Johnny H (15), Jonny P (17), Will S (22) and yet another from Johnny H in the 23rd minute!

At 5-0 to Norwich just before the end of the first half, Cooper Lomaz new signing Steven Coates who has only been with the company for a week snuck in a cheeky goal in the 28th minute leaving it 5-1 to Norwich at half time.

A minute after kick off, Bale Dykes managed to get another goal for Bury, making it look like they were going for the steal but Norwich’s man, Madden retaliated in the 42nd minute.

Another two Bury goals in quick succession from Stuart Wilson (52) and Bale Dykes (53) helped their score creep closer to Norwich, being only two goals behind but at the end of the day, Will S from Norwich managed to sneak in a creeper at the end to make it a 7-4 away win to Norwich!

Final Score:

Bury St Edmunds 4 – 7 Norwich

Man of the Match:

Dan Madden (Norwich)

Both teams had some excellently strong players but Norwich more so meaning they take home the Cooper Lomaz Football Cup for 2016!

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