Date Published: 22-09-2017

On Tuesday morning we were delighted to welcome Floyd Woodrow of Chrysalis Worldwide along to a joint Cooper Lomaz & Vistage event at Dunston Hall in Norwich.

We had invited around 50 business owners and directors from across East Anglia to listen to this very special talk on leadership which drew on his experiences in the SAS.

Floyd is extremely impressive and was one of the youngest people ever to be enrolled into the SAS, at 22 years of age. He served in a number of campaigns and was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for services in Afghanistan.

photo credit – VIstage

In addition, he was the undefeated heavyweight boxing champion in the army.

Floyd has a unique insight into the requirements for a leader in extreme circumstances and he has perfected a number of techniques that can transfer this knowledge into business situations.

Over the course of the morning we were asked to identify which type of leader each of us is before Floyd then led us through a discussion about the characteristics of good and bad leaders.  We explored what sorts of leadership behaviours are demotivating and damaging and which are positive and will lead a team to success.

Amanda Pead, Managing Director of PT Organics who came to the event said “It was such an interesting and thought provoking event, which was great to attend”

Floyd also talked about a compass for life which involves four key pillars – our North Star, Ethos, Strategist & Warrior – that will help you become a great leader by way of awareness, your values, and how you deal with adversity.

Cooper Lomaz Managing Director Simon Brown who also attended said It was a great event that gave everyone who attended a fresh perspective on leadership and how we approach the subject at work, and outside.”

Floyd was a great speaker, and we look forward to hosting many similar events in the future with a wider portfolio of speakers.