Date Published: 13-04-2018

As Stevie Wonder once said ‘superstition ain’t the way’.

We all have them, whether it is wearing your lucky pair of socks, touching wood or bringing along your beloved mascot to reassure your nerves before an interview.

We’re not saying the socks need to be left in the drawer or the lucky mascot needs to be left at home, if this increases your self-confidence then great, but superstitions shouldn’t ultimately outshine your CV and hard work. Below are some tips on getting that job you want.



There are no magic words, but being strategic and describing your qualifications and skills profile sets you apart from the rest and will act as your start block on the track.

You may ask yourself which keywords are important. Look through the position advertised and the job specification in more detail. Highlight emphasised skills so they show up when viewed electronically (careful though! At some point, your CV will land into the interviewers lap!)



Ok, so you’ve done a considerable bulk part of the first stage. You have tailored your CV to each job application – its time consuming and an all-round emotionally draining affair.
Next successful step, you may get a phone call, ‘I have great news, you have been selected for interview… can you make next week, time?’


Who’s who?  

Now we are not saying learn the entire employment history of the person interviewing you on LinkedIn. But picking up on key details of the interviewer will reassure you when sitting in the waiting area with bated breath before meeting your potential hiring manager.


Managing the beginning of your job search ultimately begins with a well written CV, and effective networking in order to create those opportunities. But, by creating your own rituals this may help to ease the process when it comes to those pre-interview nerves.

Years of rituals might not be enough but merging these with your own strategy, may just create your own job search success!