Date Published: 12-09-2017

Last weekend our very own Accountancy & Finance Recruiter Jonny Harrison completed an Olympic length triathlon as part of Tri for Life to raise money for the Great Ormond Street Hospital. If you’ve ever watched a triathlon during the Olympics, you can imagine how hard it is but just to clarify… it involves a 1,500 metre swim, a 40km bike ride and finally a 10km run!

Jonny’s Story:

“In March 2017, I became a Dad for the first time to our beautiful boy Theo. We knew before Theo was born that he had a problem with his lung, but only when he was born did we learn the full extent of the problem. When Theo was born, he went straight to Intensive Care and at 1 week old he was transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital for surgery on his left lung. Both the NICU team and the surgical team were great and looked after our little soldier, helping him to become the amazing little man that he is today.

After a successful surgery, Theo was transferred back to our local hospital, before being released on his 1 month birthday. Ever since then, he has been a happy and smiley boy – you would never know that he ever had anything wrong at birth.

We continue to visit GOSH and their Caridothoracic team every few months as they continue to monitor a potential second issue with Theo’s lung, but we will always be grateful for the care and support they have provided to our family so far.”

The Event:

“The weather had all seasons bar winter with horrendous winds a bit of rain and it was really cold – It’s like they wanted to make it that little bit harder!

The start of the swim was more like a boxing match. I took a left and right hook to the face one after the other at the start

The cycle saw me witness a wicket in the local cricket and a couple of Stags (Deer) stare down each other before what I assume was a big time fight. I also had to face what felt like 20mph head on winds but it was mega when they were tail winds.

The run was horrid and also had a bit of controversy. Legs were screaming at me and cramped after about 4km but I battled on. Then the controversy came… Having completed my prescribed 4 laps of the course I look down at my watch to check my time only to see that I hadn’t run the distance. I still had 1.7km to go and the finish was only about 500m away. Rather annoyed I did another loop as I wasn’t going to do an Olympic triathlon to find out I’d not done the distance. So in the end I actually did 11km for the run rather than 10km but I did manage to stop 100m from the line to pick up little Theo and we crossed the line together.

Unfortunately I did miss my 3 hour target by 1 minute after my time was adjusted to the correct distance but it was still all worth it.

A massive thank you to everyone who donated to help me smash my target of £1,500 to make it to £1,890 and there’s still a little bit of time to donate at

We’d just like to say well done to Jonny for completing this incredibly challenging event for such a great cause, and it’s great to see Theo healthy and well!