Date Published: 18-05-2018

Mental Health problems are wide ranging; from everyday worries to serious long term conditions, including stress, anxiety and depression. With a national emphasis on mental health this week, we felt this was a timely opportunity to take a look at our own approach here at Cooper Lomaz Recruitment because, after this week is over, what about the other 51 weeks of the year?

Work based pressure is unavoidable and believe it or not, recruitment, being largely sales based, has been identified as one of the most stressful jobs in the UK. Coupled with this, Business in the Community released their Mental Health at Work survey reporting 60% of employees have experienced mental ill health issues in the past year.  With 31% of the workforce having been formally diagnosed with a Mental Health issue (up from 29% in 2016), the most common diagnosis is depression or general anxiety.

When talking about the topic of Mental Health this week our own Managing Director Simon Brown said;

‘I’m the first to admit that as a business, we could do more to put mental health on our agenda, to ensure we not only have a strategy in place to support our staff, but that employees feel comfortable talking about any challenges they may be facing and ultimately talking about them’

With the facts in hand, we acknowledge the increase nationally in Mental Health issues within the workplace and the impact they can have on the individual and organisation. So here is what we are going to do about mental health here at Cooper Lomaz, and not just for one week a year, but all year round.

We are starting with Mental Health First Aiders. We are going to train volunteers in each of our three offices to help them spot the signs of mental health problems, with the aim of helping prevent the problems worsening or guide someone to receiving the right support.

We want to try to eliminate the stigma attached to those dealing with a mental ill health, encouraging them to share the personal challenges they face and make sure they are wholly supported by us.

Finally, we challenge other businesses to think about the mental health support on offer in their workplace and ask the question: Are you doing enough all year round, not just this week?

If you would like to discuss this further and share ideas about how your business is dealing with supporting the Mental Health of your staff then we would be interested in discussing this with you.  Please contact our HR and Operations Manager for further details.