Date Published: 30-10-2018

Over the course of a successful career, there are times when we all need support, guidance and reassurance. Whilst these things can be given by your direct Line Manager (or, should that be a Leader?), it is often difficult to separate out the day to day challenges from the wider emotional and strategic support which is often needed.


In recruitment, and sales roles in general, many catch ups and conversations with a Manager can be focused on performance, and in particular, numbers.  Sales people love a number, it makes them feel safe, derives success and is also somewhere to hide.  Whilst these meetings are of course important, it’s vital to have a forum to discuss ideas, struggles, and to sometimes just get another opinion on things.  That’s why, at Cooper Lomaz Recruitment, we have a mentoring programme that’s available to our entire business.


Alex Hall, Sales Manager at Cooper Lomaz Recruitment who receives mentoring from an external individual says “I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity to have a mentor. It’s a great opportunity to discuss ideas in a safe and confidential environment. Every mentoring session I have leaves me in a positive and reflective place. It is without doubt that some of my best work has come as a direct consequence of the session”


Simon Brown, Managing Director at Cooper Lomaz said “I was a huge sceptic when I first heard about a mentor back in 2011.  I remember thinking ‘I can’t believe you just told me you need a mentor’.  Now I swear by it.  Being mentored does not come naturally to everyone, but once you get comfortable it is a fantastic tool.  I can remember the day my mentor helped changed my career for the positive as though it was yesterday. At Cooper Lomaz we are definitely starting to see the positive impact the mentoring programme is having on our people. Now into its second year, more and more people are joining the scheme, and it is my ambition that all Cooper Lomaz employees will see the value of having a mentor, and will get involved”


Andy Watson, a fast-progressing Consultant at Cooper Lomaz who has just joined the programme said “there are always areas of my skill set that I want to improve, and the mentoring programme gives me another opportunity to learn. Any exposure to somebody more advanced in their career and who wants to help me will be grasped with both hands as I look to unlock my full potential”.


The Cooper Lomaz mentoring programme demonstrates the businesses commitment to developing the careers of its employees.  We offer a scheme which includes mentors from inside our business and also an external mentor for management, to ensure they are also provided independent support.  The scheme is open to everybody, and when somebody asks to join they are carefully paired with the most appropriate individual. For the dynamic to work, it is vitally important that the right people are put together. Just because somebody is successful in the business doesn’t mean they’d be the right person to mentor another. To us, excellent people skills and a burning desire to nurture talent is most important.


As this week sees national mentoring day, at Cooper Lomaz Recruitment we are proud to say we embrace this initiative already.  Has your business received a positive response or impact from mentoring?