Date Published: 14-06-2016

Details emerged today that software giant Microsoft is to buy recruiters’ best friend LinkedIn for $26billion (£18billion).

LinkedIn is the most powerful online business tool available, allowing you to network with other professionals, search for a job or recruit staff. As recruiters it is the most helpful tool we have available, allowing us to search for candidates by many different criteria in order to fill roles that we are recruiting for other companies.

There is no doubt that LinkedIn will be very valuable to Microsoft and we can expect to see upgrades and integration with other Microsoft owned software and apps such as Skype, Outlook and Office 365.

The fear amongst the recruitment industry is that Microsoft could attempt to rival the likes of Facebook by turning LinkedIn into more of a social network rather than a professional one.

Microsoft have said, however, that LinkedIn will retain its distinct brand, culture & independence with Jeff Weiner continuing to be Chief Executive, reporting to CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella.

Reid Hoffman says “Today is a re-founding moment for LinkedIn; I see incredible opportunity for our members and customers, and look forward to supporting this new and combined business”.

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