Date Published: 16-02-2017

We previously gave you seven reasons to go to NorDevCon 2017 and we wanted to expand on those reasons. The main thing that makes NorDevCon what it is, are the speakers.

NorDevCon is a great learning experience not only for those with years of knowledge but also those who really want to get into the industry.

From the way technology is moving, to the coding technology that’s invisible when you use an app or a website, you’re sure to learn something new or develop skills you already have.

Here are some of our top picks for speakers to listen to at NorDevCon 2017:

James Burrows – Breaking out of the box, an overview of mobile VR:

James’ talk will be about a hot topic that’s currently becoming a huge part of technology, Virtual Reality, and more to the point accessible mobile VR.

Sure there are plenty of options out there for high powered gaming on an expensive Oculus Rift or a HTC Vive, but with companies like Google and Samsung giving VR technology away with new devices, it’s becoming more affordable.

James will talk about what’s happening in the world of mobile VR currently, the hardware, the tools and best practices commonly used to produce VR content, as well as where he sees VR going over the next year or two.

Jon Skeet – Abusing C# More

Jon Skeet’s talk looks to be an interesting one as C# Developers are more in demand than ever before.

What’s interesting about it, however, is that he’ll talk more along the lines of unconventional coding… what you can do with C# once you open the box and think outside of it.

He’ll also talk about the evolution of the language and maybe even a sneak preview of C# 7!

Steve Love – Security Myths and Legends

Cyber Security is and always has been important since the dawn of the internet and hackers are getting wiser despite cyber security getting stronger.

Steve’s talk will focus on why security matters to everyone, and includes some practical examples of what programmers can and must do to improve it.

David Bozward – What Does an Investor Want from a Startup?

Starting a business is hard, not least because of the capital involved, but how do you make your tech startup look attractive to an investor?

David will explore the three key components that can aid you in getting an investor to put some capital into your dream – a good product, a willing market and a team to make it happen.

Mark Fletcher – The future of technology recruitment: key trends you need to be aware of if you’re wanting to hire or get hired in the tech sector

Of course, I couldn’t write a post about our top tips for speakers without including our own Operations Director Mark Fletcher! He will be talking about what it takes to hire or get hired in the technology sector.

More details on Mark’s talk will follow later this week…

Of course, we’ve not even managed to touch on even a quarter of the great speakers that you can expect to hear at NorDevCon 2017 but you can be sure that it’s an event that you’ll benefit greatly from (and get some pretty cool freebies to take home!)

We’ll see you there next Friday & Saturday at King’s Centre in Norwich. Tickets are available to buy from here: