Unemployment in East Still Falling – September Regional Report

Date Published: 17-09-2014

Unemployment in the East of England has fallen for the fourth successive quarter, figures released…

60% Growth in Farm Turbine Applications

Date Published: 24-06-2014

An army of landowners and farmers are rallying to the call to help Britain out…

UK Retail Sales Fall in May for First Time Since January

Date Published: 24-06-2014

Strong sales of replica football shirts last month as the World Cup approached were not…

National Day aims to Boost Number of Female Engineers

Date Published: 24-06-2014

Engineering organisations are coming together today to tackle the poor representation of women in the…

UK Ranks 20th Worldwide for Supply Chain Resilience

Date Published: 24-06-2014

The United Kingdom is the 20th most-resilient country in the world for supply chain stability,…

Could be the Start of a Beautiful Friendship Between UK and China

Date Published: 24-06-2014

This week’s visit to the UK by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has marked a watershed…

WW1: Women Engineers in the First World War

Date Published: 24-06-2014

The First World War was a major defining factor for the professional and social status…

Tech Trends: What will the Future of UK Business Look Like?

Date Published: 24-06-2014

Cloud computing, digital, and mobile technologies have started to transform businesses. Many of us now…

Food Manufacturers ‘Unprepared for Digital Revolution’

Date Published: 24-06-2014

Food manufacturers are unprepared to exploit the digital revolution that is boosting online sales of…

Who will be the new Kings of the Retail Sector

Date Published: 24-06-2014

The retail industry has produced some of the best-known business leaders and entrepreneurs in Britain….