Date Published: 14-01-2015

Data from KPMG and the REC shows that permanent placements rose in December, expanding at a much faster rate than November’s 18 month low.

Accountancy & Finance and IT led the way in demand for staff by sector. Job vacancies, however, rose at their slowest rate since July 2013. Meanwhile, short term appointments rose at a higher rate, with appointments for temporary contracts at their strongest in 3 months.

Pay growth continued in December, with average starting salaries for those placed in permanent roles continuing to rise in line with November’s strong rate. Pay rates for contract workers increased at the sharpest rate in 3 months.

Despite the mostly optimistic outlook suggested in the findings, the availability of candidates on the market continues to be limited. The numbers of candidates for permanent jobs fell again in the final month of 2014, although the rate of decrease was the slowest in 8 months. The rate of decline in the availability of temporary workers, however, increased over the previous month.

While many market factors are promising, then, it is clear that the jobs market is still limiting in certain areas.