Date Published: 27-09-2016

As members of the REC (The Recruitment & Employment Confederation), we are dedicated to upholding and demonstrating that we adhere to The Code of Professional Practice which is designed to protect both clients and candidates.

We train all of our consultants to these industry standards in order to give our clients and candidates the confidence that everything we do is ethical, fair and professional.

As well as our corporate membership, we also give our consultants the opportunity to gain their Certificate in Recruitment Practice which demonstrates their understanding of their roles and responsibilities as a recruitment consultant, as well as of the recruitment industry as a whole.

Once they gain their level 3 certificate, they are eligible to add the letters CertRP to the end of their name in order to demonstrate their professional status.

Many of our consultants have passed their QCF exam but the latest to pass is Matt Barber who has only been with Cooper Lomaz for 5 months, but has been in the industry as a whole for 4 years.

Congratulations to Matt and all who have passed their exam, and we look forward to more of our consultants becoming certified!