Date Published: 10-12-2018

Yesterday on a day that my Mother would have called ‘fresh’ and Vicki described as ‘FREEZING’ I am pleased to say that I joined group of fellow CLR’s as we headed to Eaton Park in Norwich to take part in the annual East Anglian Children’s Hospice Santa Dash.


Our team consisted of myself, Emma O’Brien, Kieran Ashton, Lauren Hardwicke, Karolina Solarz, Ross Markiewicz, Hannah Stedman & Vicki Coombs, all of which got up on a Sunday, braved the elements and donned their Santa suits for charity.


Upon arrival at Eaton Park it was quite a sight to see as a range of adults in various stages of dress/undress looked to get their festive outfits on ASAP!  Many including the Cooper Lomaz team had gone for the ‘layer up’ approach. Karolina doing this best as she essentially had a full outfit and ‘big coat’ on, but still managed to get her Santa suit over the top!


The Christmas songs were blaring out and the DJ was outlining plans for the day and what a great cause everyone as raising money for.  As the morning wore on and the start time loomed, said DJ began to interact with the crowd, interviews with other Santa’s, Elves (children) shouting out what they would like for Christmas and declaring they had all been good.


Next up the warm up, which for some seemed serious, for others seemed to bring home the fact physical activity was actually about to happened, and for myself and Lauren involved what was essentially random dancing at the back of the group.


The start line loomed, the race kicked off and great fun was had by all, it was not about the winning or the losing, it was about raising money for a good cause, all being together and having some fun and I’m pleased to say we did all of the above!


Obviously us being sales people though it was a little bit about the winning and losing so I obviously kept track of who came where and have prepared a final result for all to view below:


  • First place and winner – Simon Brown – yes this is me!
  • Silver medallist and winner of the most ripped Santa trousers – Ross
  • Third place and bronze medal – Vicki ‘I have run 4 half marathons’ Coombs
  • 4th place Lauren
  • 5th place Hannah
  • 6th place and very, very hot but the end and regretting every bit of her padded coat Karolina
  • 7th place having been supported round the course by Emma only to leave her in the last 5 yards as to not finish last Kieran
  • Wooden spoon – Emma ‘I was helping Kieran’ O’Brien


For anybody who would like to donate to EACH, our fundraising page is still open;

Simon Brown

Managing Director

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