Date Published: 29-03-2016

As recruiters in the UK manufacturing and engineering sectors, we are understandably concerned when we read that the EEF – the manufacturers’ organisation – is warning of a skills shortage in the sector, and we’d be lying if we said we hadn’t also noticed.


Britain currently is trying to grow its manufacturing sector and keep up with the pace of technology in places like Germany, the USA and China but we’re struggling because a lack of skilled workers and many manufacturers are wondering if this is due to a lack of support from our government.

These findings come soon after the Office for Budget Responsibility cut its potential productivity forecast for what UK workers can produce in an hour.

Because the industry is trying to grow, demand for skilled workers with relevant experience and qualifications is only going to skyrocket in the coming years which is why the EEF is calling for more support and government grants for apprenticeships, and to ensure school leavers’ skills match business’ needs.

As technology in the world advances with more robotic machinery that is able to automate production, different types of roles are opening up for people who can design and program them.

There are also new jobs being created for human beings who can work alongside machines to aid production in areas that machines cannot facilitate.

Manufacturers are making countless amounts of effort to expand people’s skills and attract new staff with in-house training programmes and competitive pay packages but the government is not matching this by opening up more access to apprenticeships and other training programmes.

More than three quarters of companies are worried about whether they’ll be able to get the skilled workers they’ll need over the next few years but they’re also saying they can offer training and flexitime to help.

Recruitment difficulties in the sector are sure to rise as employers are looking for more technical skills, but as detailed above, employers are more willing to provide in house training for those with relevant qualifications.

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