Snow Day

Date Published: 28-02-2018

At 7.04am this morning the strained voice of one of Norfolk Constabulary’s finest Police Officers, talking live on BBC Radio Norfolk utter those immortal words.  The words that most Recruitment Consultants wait in earnest to hear at least once a year.  Yes 7.04am and the officer stated ‘we advise only essential travel, at this point we would advise staying safe and warm at home’.


This morning East Anglia woke up to the full force of the ‘Beast from the East’.  Yes Storm Emma had arrived and whilst the outcome of an overnight snow dump looked fantastic, beautiful and as if we had woken in an episode of Game of Thrones, it certainly make travel to work tricky.


Cooper Lomaz Recruitment like most businesses has a snow policy.  However over times of changing weather or freak incidents we increase our communications to staff to ensure everyone is safe, sound and aware of what is going on.  This morning was no different, but it’s fair to say the snow policy seemed to go out of the window!


Picture the scene.  We had our Managing Director Simon Brown stuck on the A11 just behind the jack-knifed lorries (yes there were 2) providing sporadic weather and traffic updates.  We would love to say he has not really made a big deal of this, but as reports increased in frequency it’s clear he was taking his new role as roving reporting very seriously.  We had other members of staff donning their wellies, boots and trainers as they started the good old fashioned walk to work.  There is such a Britishness about donning the wellies to get to work – we will not be beaten!  Lastly however we had those that all of a sudden turned into snow depth specialists reporting the varying degrees of snow fall across the region.  Is a snow day the only day of the year people can accurately tell you in inches how much snow has fallen in their front drive to prevent them exiting the house?! We did not know people were so good at measuring until this morning when reports of anything from ‘four to fourteen’ inches was reported.  Luckily there were no fallen heroes as all staff who could not make it into work bravely offered to work from home or take emergency holiday.


Whilst trains, buses and planes may have been cancelled across the region today over half of the Cooper Lomaz teams in both offices managed to get into work today.  All safe, all sound and all in one piece (which is the main thing).  Those that started the journey but got held up by the regions traffic chaos have all now made it home and are safely either logged on or making snow angels in their garden.


We hope the rest of the region has managed to see the lighter side of today’s travel and everyone is safe and sound.  We have to go now however as the snow has started again so it’s time to discussing what time everyone can go home!