In direct response to this demand, the company has expanded the division’s team from one person in the Spring 2014 to four people at the present time.


The oil and gas industries in the North Sea are undertaking both decommissioning work and platform refurbishment. The younger, offshore wind industry on the other hand, is beginning major construction projects which will require a number of subsea marine ecological surveys associated with the laying of cables on the seabed and the installation of the turbines.

The members of the subsea division contribute a variety of specialisms that match the diversity of skills needed in the offshore energy industry during the construction, operational and decommissioning stages of a field’s life. At various times, the industry will require divers, dive supervisors, inspectors, surveyors, marine crew, deck crew, and crane
and remote underwater vehicle (ROV) operators and, between them, the new team has experience in recruiting in all these areas.

Roan Williams Cooper LomazTeam member Roan Williams said: It is a really exciting and challenging time to be working in subsea recruitment.

Roan Williams Consultant

A remote underwater vehicle (ROV)