Date Published: 13-04-2016

We’ve previously brought you 10 unusual jobs that you wouldn’t believe actually exist, but some people have perfectly normal jobs with some seriously innovative and strange job titles…


  • Digital Overlord – It’s as simple as Web Developer, but with a slightly more powerful job title! Chat to our I.T. Team about jobs like this one!
  • Marketing Rock Star – This is actually my job, Marketing Executive, so I might petition to get my job title changed…
  • Sales Ninja – A self-explanatory job title but a pretty interesting one!
  • Director of First Impressions – This title does really make sense since the receptionist is the first person you meet when you walk into an office.
  • Worldwide Marine Asset Financial Analyst – When at dinner parties, people sigh when the answer to the question “What do you do?” is “I’m an accountant” but what if you could give someone a really fancy and long winded job title to make it sound more interesting?
  • The Job Whisperer – This job title actually means “Recruiter” believe it or not. I’ve tried convincing the bosses that our consultants need cooler job titles, alas it’s not to be! Think you could fit in, in a recruitment role? Get in touch as we’re always looking for new people!

Believe it or not, these are all jobs that we are currently recruiting for, although sadly they all have more boring job titles! Click on the job titles for full descriptions of said jobs.