Date Published: 03-10-2017

“Recruiting in IT is hard, but recruiting for recruiters is even harder” – Michael Meyer, Business Improvement Manager

Over the last month or so you would have no doubt seen us advertising the CLR Academy and have likely read a little bit about it in our job advertisements. Well, the CLR Academy Assessment Day is finally tomorrow so we wanted to give you a little background into what it is, why we’re doing it and who the man that created it is…

Michael Meyer joined Cooper Lomaz in 2007 as a recruitment consultant and has had the pleasure of working with some of the largest companies in the world, and on some of the most exciting IT projects in the East of England. Over the years, Michael has risen up the ranks at Cooper Lomaz, some highlights of which were growing and building the Cambridgeshire IT team into the largest within the company and launching a contract only IT team before  going solo as a Principal Consultant exclusively recruiting for some of the biggest companies based around Peterborough.

At the end of 2016, Michael made the bold decision of wanting to step away from his role as a billing consultant and instead use all of the experience he’s gained over his years as a recruiter to recruit, support and develop new consultants for Cooper Lomaz, taking them to the next level.

One of the frustrations that led to him wanting to make this move was that he could see that even though Cooper Lomaz was employing a steady stream of new recruitment consultants of all levels, they weren’t getting the full initial support that they needed to succeed. Part of this was due to the time constraints of team leaders and managers having to take time away from their desks and the rest of their teams to provide training to the meticulously high standards we hold ourselves to at Cooper Lomaz.

In January 2017, Michael was promoted to Business Improvement Manager which allowed him to start work on fixing some of the issues that he could clearly see.

“I’ve seen how difficult it is to recruit and retain experienced consultants who have the same values as we do as a business, and I wanted to change that” – Michael Meyer

One of Michael’s main aims was to create The CLR Academy, and we successfully launched the campaign last month which attracted over 170 applications of which he and our Internal Recruitment Executive, Megan Kennedy, conducted over 70 telephone interviews which they whittled down to 12 candidates to attend the assessment day – a large task for Megan’s first week in the business!

The idea of the CLR Academy is that it is a Recruitment Resourcer Induction Programme, designed to give those new to recruitment all of the skills and tools they need in order to have a very successful career in recruitment.

It all starts with tomorrow’s assessment day which will see the 12 candidates face a series of interviews and role play tasks, with up to 4 successful candidates being offered a place in the programme starting in November.

Once the candidates have been selected, they will undergo an intense 7 week induction and training plan which will involve a mixture of classroom-based training, on the job training and ongoing guidance. Once this initial training period has ended, they will be placed into their respective recruitment teams, embarking on their career in recruitment.

“No matter how high up the recruitment ladder they go at Cooper Lomaz, they will always be The CLR Academy 2017” – Michael Meyer

Make sure to keep an eye on the Cooper Lomaz LinkedIn page tomorrow for updates throughout the day, and to follow the journey of the CLR Academy 2017.